Week of 2-25-2008

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Posted by: TKelley, on 02/27/2008, in category "The Crockett Rocket Fishing Report"
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Abstract: Fishing with Phillip Cooper from Birmingham, England.
Nice Striper Caught at Clark Hill Lake

The Water Temperature was 53 degrees on Tuesday of this week. The water was clear to slightly stained on the lower end, and muddy up river. We started off good the first of the week as a severe cold front approached. The fish bite picked up on the leading edge but by Wednesday morning everyone was huddled by the fire as temperatures dropped and winds of 15-20 mph settled over our area. Blame the Canadians for the bad weather.

Phillip Cooper fished with me on Tuesday. He is a real fish fanatic and brought photos of some of his catches—including a 30lb. muskie. When he stepped on the boat he told me he was from Birmingham. I know it was early but that didn’t sound like an Alabama accent to me-- Birmingham, England. “Care for a spot of tea?”

He is a good fishermen and great companion and I felt privileged to guide him for his first striper.

Dave Willard (Crockett Rocket)
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