The Fish Whisperer

Captain Dave has been featured in many outdoor magazines over the years and has been asked by these professional outdoor magazines to write articles about his craft. He had a great trip with Gerald Almy field editor for Sports Afield. Georgia Outdoor News has called on him many times to write articles about his knowledge of fishing. One such article was called “The Fish Whisperer” which featured his two daughters fishing with Dave. Captain Dave has also been on TV with with field editor Pat Robertson for Georgia Outdoor News and South Carolina Game and Fish. Dave's passion for fishing, experience and the right equipment is a winning combination for catching fish.

OutDoor Fishing

Part of enjoying the outdoors is sharing it with others. That is why we have made our fishing reports and article database available via RSS feeds. You can subscribe to these feeds with many types of browsers by simply clicking on the  images located on the article page. If you are a savvy programmer you can also subscribe to the feed with your favorite programming language and display our articles on your website.