Week of 3/3/2008

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Posted by: TKelley, on 03/06/2008, in category "The Crockett Rocket Fishing Report"
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Abstract: Fishing with The Culp's We really had a good time catching stripers
The Water temperature was 53 degrees on Thursday morning and still 
clear on the lower end but really muddy up river.  I’m sure the lake 
came up some, but we still have a long way to go.  Ed and Dolly Culp 
from Orangeburg, SC, fished with me for a few hours.  They were here 
for a conference and didn’t have much time.  They had a blast boating 
5 stripers and had 5 more get off.  It doesn’t look really good for 
this weekend with another cold front due to hit.

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